Abdominal/ Back Extension PS06

Standard Weight Stack : 66 kg/146 lbs
Optional Weight Stack : 84 kg/186 lbs
Assembled Dimension : 124X122X160 cm
Net Weight: 120 kg

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• Ergonomic adjustable roller helps users find out the most comfortable position. 
• Dual foot pad fits people of different height. 
• High quality super-sized bearings bring excellent performance. 
• Precision machined pulley leads smoother path of motion. 
• Durable EXERFLEXPRO® cable ensures workout experience and unparalleled safety. 
• Heavy duty translucent shield provides privacy and safety. 
• Instructional placard guides users the best workout results with correct illustrations. 
• The whole series are equipped with professional stable feet for safety. 
• Professional and precise ergonomic design of training angles. 
• Strong and durable aluminum alloy shield frame. 
• Equipped with convenient cup and cellphone holder. 
• Separable structure design for easy packaging and transportation. 
• Protective end design of the handlebar for safety of the movement.

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